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Current Planning

Since the Codman Burial Ground has been inactive for burials since the early 1990s, it has not had, until recently, an active Advisory Committee.  We are pleased to announce that we now have in place a new Advisory Committee.  The following volunteers have been organized as the committee:

  • Rev. Cliff Hersey - Pastor for Meetinghouse Ministries, Second Church in Dorchester (Chair)

  • Rev. Victor Price - Lead Pastor of Second Church in Dorchester

  • ​Olive Knight - Member of Second Church in Dorchester​

  • Robert Thomas - Member of Second Church in Dorchester

  • Paul Malkemes - Executive Director of The Boston Project and cemetery neighbor

  • Elnora Thompson - Cemetery neighbor and community activist

Also joining us for the discussion:

  • Jennifer Kimball - Executive Director of COGDesign

  • Courtney Goode - Professional Landscape Design Consultant

  • Jean Krasnow - Professional Landscape Design Consultant

We are very pleased to announce that the Goode Landscaping firm has completed (with community and committee input) the final plans for the community park transformation.  (See below for a look at the plan.) 

Now the hard work begins--raising the funds needed (about $350,000) to make the plan a reality.  Our first step has been to apply for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding under their "open space" provisions.  We'll know more by late Fall.

Community Meeting Announcement


Watch here for future community meeting dates and times.

Final Plans - Goode Landscaping Studio


The images below represent the final plan for the new community park.  Focus on the front of the drawing.  The cemetery remains the same. It is the front-along Norfolk Street--that will be transformed.  The two small pictures below the drawing are perspective visualizations of the site with one specifically focusing on the proposed amphitheater.    Suggestions are still welcome.  

Codman_Layout Plan.jpg
Proposed Amphitheater Space
Perspective View Across Cemetery
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